2018 Show Schedule

We’ve made it to the final show of this season, so come out and show with us!! Remember, you must compete in at least 3 shows for your points to count toward our fabulous year end prizes!! The Triton Stables 2018 show season concludes with our next show, November 17, 2018!! We’re going to continue offering the following at our show series this year: 

  • Free leadline class
  • Complimentary breakfast and lunch
  • NCHJA rated Young Entry and Long Stirrup classes
  • Ability to pre-register by email or dropping off a registration form at the barn
  • Equitation finals is at the end of the year with prizes to be awarded at that time

The prize list has changed from last year due to new requirements by the NCHJA so please make sure you note all changes that may affect when or where your class is held. Both Prize List and Registration can be found here.

There is only ONE show left this year!  Check out the Triton Stables Points here!

The 2nd Annual Triton Equitation Cup will be held at our final show on November 17.

Our next show is November 17 starting at 8:00 AM. Please text or email Megan if you are interested in showing.

All pre-register information is due in Triton’s inbox at Megan’s schooling barn by the Wednesday before the show OR you can download the registration form, fill it out and email the completed form to TritonStablesHorseShows@gmail.com The form links are listed below.

This year we are strongly encouraging riders to register early so that we can streamline the process on show day. Prepayment is NOT required to register early. If you have any questions at all about what class to register for or questions about prizes/registration, please use the email links above.

All riders showing in Short Stirrup and Long Stirrup must be at the ring by 7:00 AM to school their horses.

All riders showing in Pony, Low Child/Adult, 12-14 Equitation, 15-17 Equitation, and Children/Adult must be at the barn by 9:30 AM and in the ring to school your horse by 11:00 AM.

Jumping at a show

NCHJA Membership Reminder
With this being a new show year, please make sure to renew your membership with the NCHJA to accumulate points towards a year-end NCHJA award that you could receive at their banquet. Renew or purchase your first NCHJA membership at their website. Both young entry and long stirrup are now NCHJA rated and eligible for year-end rewards so everyone is encouraged to join.

Announcing Triton Stables Equitation finals!
This year Triton Stables is going to host its very own equitation finals at the end of the year. Riders will accumulate points all year in equitation classes in their respective divisions and the top 12 riders will be invited back to compete in Equitation Finals. At the finals, qualifying riders will first complete an over-fences course. The riders with the eight highest scores after the over-fences phase will be asked back to complete a flat phase. After the flat phase, the top four riders will complete a test. Riders that compete at 18 inches to 2 foot 3 inches will compete against each other in the Wee Equitation finals which will be separate from those that compete at 2 foot 6 inches and up. This is great practice for riders that may want to compete in NCHJA Equitation finals or any other high-level equitation at some point in their career. No one else is offering this opportunity at any other show, so we strongly encourage you to participate!

Calendar of Triton Shows for 2018:

December 3 Triton Stables
February 24 Triton Stables
March 24 Triton Stables
April 7 Triton Stables – Rescheduled to April 29 due to inclement weather
May 12 Triton Stables
June 9 Triton Stables
July 7 Triton Stables
August 11 Triton Stables
September 8 Triton Stables
October 20 Triton Stables
November 17 Triton Stables
*** Please note that additional shows and dates will be added as the schedule is finalized***
**Year End awards will be given at the November Show for the points accumulated at all the Triton Shows. Riders must compete in at least three shows to be eligible for awards.


Showing horse show ribbons won