Horse boarding is $725 per month if paid by the 15th of the month and $750 if paid after and includes the Medaya and Kaylafollowing:

Four group lessons per month, lessons may not be deducted from price of board fee and must be taken within month board fee is paid for.  Lessons may also not be transferred.

Four training rides per month, as deemed necessary by the trainer.  This is a unique service only Triton provides!

Daily boarding in a 12 foot square stall, feed and hay twice daily, water and daily turnout, weather permitting.

Contract is on a month to month basis.

Trailer parking is available at no charge while horse is being boarded, space permitting.

Current Coggins certification is REQUIRED.

The Boarder’s Agreement must be completed in full and submitted before boarding begins.

Lots of love and attention comes standard.

Boarders Agreement

Sophie and Eddie